At Sona, We Will

We are a Fee-only Fiduciary Firm

You wouldn’t go to a doctor or attorney that wasn’t always working in your best interest, so why choose a financial advisor that isn’t working for you?

We have everything you need to achieve financial success

We specialize in planning for multiple goals, like retirement and education. Although we manage assets held anywhere, we also offer our own Dimensional-Fund based portfolios. Dimensional Funds are only available through approved advisors.

Process and Service, Not Product or Sale

Our process focuses on your goals on values, not on selling a product or a quid-pro-quo relationship.

We use technology to keep you on track

Here at Sona, whether you’re local or thousands of miles away, you’ll be able to receive the same unbiased advice to help move your finances forward.

Mark Struthers CFP®, CFA

Founder/Financial Advisor

I am a CFA and CFP® that believes the traditional financial services model does little to serve the client. As my client, I will be your advocate, transparent about fees and risks, not just highlighting potential returns. I am a true advisor, giving unbiased expert advice; not selling a product based on the size of the commission. I will to use my education, my 14 years of experience, and my expertise to coach the best out of your unique situation.