Sona’s customized workplace education can:

  • Help employees better handle healthcare costs
  • Help reduce 401k loans
  • Help employees retire on-time
  • Help reduce financial-related absenteeism
  • Help Employees deal with elder care

Half Day (2 – 3 Classes)

Cost: $499 (if outside of Minneapolis area, additional costs may apply)

Full Day (4 – 6 Classes)

Cost: $899

*In addition to in-person classes, participants have free access to Sona’s KnowThis KnowThat! online education for 30 days!

Topics are dictated mostly by the employer, but common topics include:

  • How to measure financial fitness
  • How to use your HSA
  • How to automate your budget
  • How to reduce your credit card debt
  • How to use asset allocation to meet your financial goals
  • How to set up an emergency fund
  • How best for spouses to handle money, together
  • How to make the most of your 401k plan
  • How to handle the financial strain of eldercare
  • How a Roth 401k works
  • How a back-door Roth works
  • How an age-based mutual funds works
  • How 401k loans fit into your financial life
  • How to handle education funding
  • How to handle student loans
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