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Employee Financial Wellness

Mark has partnered with employee financial wellness firm Fiscal Fitness Club of America. Their innovative platform and approach brings quality financial planning to groups at a very affordable price. We are different than other employee financial wellness firms in 4 critical ways:

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    KNOWING is different than DOING

    There are many financial education programs available, but they assume that KNOWING is all that is necessary for DOING! If that were true, we would all have the perfect combination of diet and exercise! Fiscal Fitness Clubs provides the knowledge, coaching, and group support required for true lasting change.

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    We do not use employee wellness as a sales lead to sell a product or service. We only sell real advice and coaching — real employee financial wellness. 

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    Most employee financial wellness firms are not Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs); as a result, they can’t tell employees how to invest in their 401ks or other assets. How can you offer coordinated, holistic advice if you can’t advise an employee how to invest and save for college and retirement? How are your employees going to succeed and reduce stress? 

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    We TAILOR our proven program around your benefits

    To be effective, an employee financial wellness program has to be tailored around your employees and your benefits. We integrate our classes, groups, and financial plans with your benefits and around your employees. No one knows your employees better than you do!

For more information, please contact Mark@FiscalFitnessClubs.com