Hourly & Project

Cost: $200 per billable hour (Sona Cyborg clients receive a discounted rate of $150 per billable hour)

  • Usually a 2-hour minimum
  • Billed in ½ increments.
  • Billable Hours Include:
    • All in-person meetings
    • All analytical work
    • All conversations with other professionals
    • All Financial Planning and Investment Analysis
  • Does not include basic administrative work, such as:
    • Filing
    • Organizing docs
    • Requesting Docs
    • Setting of appointments

For basic admin work, the cost is $70 per billable hour

As of 10/1/2017 we have started to breakout the administrative time and the CFP® time. We feel this is more equitable for the client and is more transparent and reflective of the time involved. The client will now receive a detailed breakdown of the work involved. 

Example of a full-plan hours and cost:

For a typical non-complex client with no kids, the billable hours might look like this:

CFP® hours:

  • 8 billable hours @ $200 per hour = $1,600

Admin hours:

  • 4-5 billable hours @ $70 per hour = $280-$350

Generally speaking, the total cost for a “basic” full plan: $1,880-$1,950