We are true independent fiduciaries; working hard for your best interest, for your success! We work on retainer, allowing you to hold assets where you want, where is best for you. This allows us to work holistically, making the most of what you have to build and preserve your wealth.

Clarify Your Goals

We create customized, comprehensive plans designed to help you identify and achieve your financial goals

We Don't Follow Trends

Most financial news is simply noise. We help you focus on what is important and avoid irrational decisions

An Approved Dimensional-Fund Advisor (DFA)

Held at TD Ameritrade, our DFA-based portfolios are tailored to grow and protect your assets.

Specialize In Paying For College & Paying For Retirement

We specialize in helping parents to save and pay for college, while still preparing for retirement

Investment Management Only

0.0625%-0.2125% AUM Per Quarter (0.25%-0.85% Annually)
  • Portfolio design to meet planning objectives
  • Written Investment Policy Statement
  • Continuous portfolio management by a CFA
  • Unlimited access to our tailored evidence-based portfolios (including DFA Funds)


$150 Per Billable Hour
  • One-TIme Analysis & Projects
  • Great For A Second Opinion
  • Access To A CFP® & CFA without spending a lot
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Mark loves helping families succeed. For most families, this means making the most of what they have to build and preserve wealth. Mark does this through his technical expertise, coaching, and having the freedom to act as an independent fiduciary (always in the client’s best interest).

Technical Expertise:
· CFA & CFP ®. Mark obtained the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and became a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional during his 14 years of financial planning and investing experience to make sure he had the technical expertise to serve his clients.

· Mark’s experience working with clients of all income and wealth levels has given him the ability and perspective to coach and educate. If you ask his wife, raising his two boys and coaching their sport’s teams, has made Mark an even better coach. Mark’s mantra is: focus on what you can control and make the most of what you have.

Independent Fiduciary
· Fiduciary. Having technical knowledge means nothing if you don’t have the freedom to act on it. Mark will treat your family like his own, always acting in your best interest. Mark is not only a member of National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, or NAPFA that requires a strict fiduciary standard but also works on retainer.
· Retainer. Working on retainer means that you can hold assets where you want; where it is best for you. This means we can make the most of what you have, a truly holistic approach.

Mark will be a true unbiased advocate, fighting for your financial success. We will succeed together.

Mark’s (Mark in blue) 12-year-old son (in green) pulling away from him to finish 2nd in the 14-and-under age group — he might have been coached a little too well!



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